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A Letter to Mrs. Hattie Jensen from Chauncey Whiting in answer to a letter March 18, 1901

My father Elisha Whiting was born in Connecticutt. While young, or in his boyhood days, for some reason was bound out to a proffessional Quaker, who at length treated him so intensely mean that in process of time he left him and went to Massachusetts where he found employment with a wagon-maker, from whom he soon learned the traid and followed that branch of business in after life. There he formed an acquaintance with a verry ameable young lady by the name of Sally Hullett who eventually became his wife. She was born Oct. 29th, 1787, in Massachusetts near the Hostonic River, Lee Township.

.In 1812 my father with his family emigrated to Portage County Ohio. He selected a location in Nelson Township where he opened up a small farm in a heavy timbered section of the county, mean time built a double log house, one room of which he used for a dwelling, the other for a wagon shop. It was in this building a little over 82 years ago that your humble servant was born.

My father was a soldier in the War of 1812.

Referring to the family circle in its order I will first remark that twelve children were born to our parents, but one having died at the time of its birth received no name. The rest in order of age figures sup as follows—William, Edwin, Charles, Katherine Louisa, Harriett, Emeline, Chauncey, Almon, Gene, Sylvester and Francis Lewis. All of which will be noticed more fully in their place

.I will here remark that preparitory to our removal from Clay to Caldwell county, my mother packed a verry large chest with his most valuable clothing, and with these, the old family Bible containing the record of births and deaths was also placed. But upon false pretense the chest was seized upon and retained, by a man heretofore professing to be a special friend.The loss of this record leaves us unable to give all the particulars as to dates (But four of the oldest children were born in Massachusetts: the rest in Portage county Ohio.

)In refering to the matters under consideration, I will in brief notice localities where the Whiting family resided, as also the deaths which have occurred along their meandering paths.

If memory serves correctly, it was in the year of 1831, that William, my oldest brother, with his family, emigrated to Jackson county Missourie. But in the fall of 1833, the mob fell upon the saints who had located there and in a little encounter which ensued, he was wounded by the enemy. After which he with the rest of the saints crossed the river into Clay county. There he was taken sick with a fever which together with the wound, (as the Doctor said), terminated in his death. Which occurred in 1833 or 4. Lydia, his wife died in Freamont County, Iowa.

In 1835 or 36, our father emigrated to Missouri, but at length purchased land in Caldwell county and moved his family upon it. But our stay at that place was of but short duration, when because of mob violence was compelled to leave the state. We next settled in Adams County Illinois. But a few years only, had passed when a like result followed, and in order to save his life and family from the ravages and cruelty of a ruthless mob, he crossed the river into Iowa, an unsettled country save by a few scattered white inhabitants and roving bands of Indians

.Being destitute (having lost everything by a merciless foe,) he was compelled to stop at a place called Pisgah, on the Grand river, where many of the fleeing saints who were unable to proceed further had encamped in order to raise something to keep them from starvation.

At this place our dear mother, Sally Whiting, through exposure, privation and hardship which she had endured, laid down her precious life. She died August 1846.

Our dear father, was now left alone save the two youngest boys Sylvester and Lewis. Being without a house-keeper, and having formed an acquaintance with a very respectable and amiable widow by the name of Head, in process of time chose her for a companion. But on December 15th 1844, she also left this vale of tears to join her friends in the brighter realms on high.

Two of our kind and loving mothers had now passed away, leaving our aged, lonely and heart-broken father to mourn the loss of dear ones. But alas his precious life, was fast nearing its end. On Feb. 21st 1848 his spirit ascended on high to meet his dear associates, and join that happy throng who have washed their robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb.

The remaining portion of a once large and happy family who were then left to mourn the loss of loved ones were (as we readily see), scattered in different and distant lands, and seemingly no one left to care for or drop a sympathetic tear over the lonely graves where the sacred dust of our honored and aged parents, as well as others of the family relation are sleeping.

How oft with deep emotion do we recall the sweet smiles, the kind words, the warm and heart-felt caresses of a precious and dearly beloved mother; yes that mother who in her pure and undying love have passed many a sleepless night in watchful vigil over her sick and suffering offsprings. How often with feelings of respect and heart-felt gratitude do we remember the kindness of a faithful loving and indulgent father; the denial of self enjoyment in order to lavish gifts and comfort upon the family circle, the toil and hardship endured while endeavoring to procure the necessaries of life, are all fresh in our memory. Indeed a mention of these things sink deep into the recesses of the already sorrowful and aching heart and makes it hard to suppress a sympathetic and unbidden tear from coursing down the careworn and furrowed cheek.

But to return to the subject. Having already in the foregoing noticed some of the incidents connected with the moves of William, my older brother, I will next remark that Edwin Whiting was born in Lee Berkshire County Massachusetts. The number of years that he resided in Ohio, Missourie, Illinois, and Iowa, I am unable to say. But I think it was in 1847, that he with his family emigrated to Utah. The date of his death I cannot give. This you can get from their family record

.Charles Whiting was born in Lee Birkshire county Massachusetts.s Died in Schyler county Illinois. Dates I have not got. Martha, his wife died at Winter Quarters (now Florence) Nebraska.

Katharine Louisa Whiting was born in Lee Birkshire county Massachusetts Oct. 3, 1813. Died in Michigan May 20, 1900. Aged 87 years. Her husband’s name was Nelson Talcott. He had died several years before.

Harriet Whiting was born in Nelson Township Portage County Ohio. Date of birth and death I have not got.

Emeline Whiting was born in Nelson Townships Portage county Ohio. Died at Manti Utah, March 4, 1896 aged 79 years. The date of the death of her husband Walter Cox I have not got.

Chauncey Whiting was born in Nelsons Township Portage county Ohio August 19th 1819.

Almon Whiting was born in Nelson Township Portage county Ohio November 17th 1821

.Gene Whiting was born in Nelson Township Portage county Ohio. Date of birth and death I have not got.

Sylvester Whiting was born in Nelson Township Portage County Ohio July 29, 1828.Francis Lewis Whiting was born in Nelson Township Portage county Ohio September 22 1830.

My wife Editha Ann Whiting died in Otter Tail county Minn. March 30, 1893 aged 75 years two months and five days. In the foregoing I have noted dates near as I could learn or memory served, and should there be any mistake or addition necessary for correction, you are at liberty to make or correct the same as seemeth the good general history of these things. I might have made some points more plain and arranged matters in a little better order. But the same as seemeth thee good.

But you can make the crooked strait and drive the nails in their proper order. As to home, or local matters, I have nothing of importance to relate and will only add that health with us at present reasonably good, crops are fine. Trouble and sorrow however finds but little, if any abatement with the old man.

Please drop a line and let me know if you have received this, and if all matters are satisfactory. But should there be any other item connected with the matter that you would wish to learn please let me know and I will try and be more prompt in answer

Indeed I feel ashamed of the delay mentioned in the foregoing, but I could not in reason help it, and will try and be more prompt in future. Having no special news to relate I will close with respects, kind regards and well wishes to yourself, companion and friends.C. Whiting Sr.

Note by Daisy Fletcher February 18, 1965. Perhaps the date for the removal of the Elisha Whitings from Massachusetts to Ohio should be later than 1812. My grandmother Jennie Whiting, daughter of Catherine Louisa, says her mother was about three years of age and remembered the ride across the mountains in the covered wagon. Also, Elisha was a soldier in the War of 1812 which didn’t end until about 1815.

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