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This story won an Honorable Mention in the Grand Forks, North Dakota newspaper

On the Broad, Breezy Prairie

    The picnic most vividly outlined in my memory is one which was composed of a large umbrella, a basket, a black-and-white dog, and two happy girls.  The umbrella was to shade us from the sun, the basket was to hold our lunch, the canine was my dog Sailor, and the two girls were my friend M. and myself.  The picnic ground was not chosen in a spot noted for its beauty or its historical interest, but on a broad, breezy prairie-land.  M. and I had decided to spend the afternoon on the prairie, have supper there and go home in the cool evening.

    Oh! that weary journey going!  The umbrella was so large we did not wish to raise it until we were outside the city limits, consequently the sun blazed down upon us.  How hot it was!  But when we reached the prairie it was refreshing to lie in the cool shade of the prairie grass, to watch the many-hued butterflies skimming lightly over the buttercups, and to listen to the long, lazy moo-o-o of a distant cow.

    Sailor busied himself digging in the soft ground for fancied bones, and after we had rested we played games and gathered buttercups until we had hundreds of the golden prairie flowers.  Supper was then prepared.  Sailor took great interest in this, and while he was enjoying the remains we wove the blossoms into wreaths, ropes, etc.  Then as the violet mantle of twilight fell slowly and softly over the prairie, we started homeward.  I fear we resembled a flower parade, we were decked out so finely with buttercups and even Sailor had a chain of them around his neck.  I shall always remember this picnic because only merry hearts and joyous natures were present.

 Frances Grinnell, 523 N Seventh Street, Grand Forks, N.D.

Bonnie Grinnell and Sailor

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