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Blumenschein Genealogy

Below is information that Hans Dieter Blumenschein supplied about Adam Blumenschein who emigrated to the United States.

Hi Kathy, the results of the church records in Kirch-Brombach:
Your ancestor Johann Adam Blumenschein, married 11.5.1865 Katharina Schwinn, is a brother of my ggfather Johann Philipp Blumenschein, b23.8.1850 in Wallbach, d29.12.1887 in Hembach, married 1.4.1875 Elisabetha Barbara Reeg, b20.8.1856 in Hembach,d3.3.1900 in Hembach.
Parents of Adam and Philipp: Johannes Blumenschein, b31.12.1804, died ?,married 30.11.1837 Anna Margaretha Meisinger, b 13.9.1818, d20.6.1863.
Parents of Johannes Blumenschein: I must search and check again in the church records of Brensbach and Reichelsheim.
(but the roots are going back to Velten Blumenschein, the father of all Blumenschein in the Odenwald) Parents of Anna Margaretha Meisinger: Johann Georg Meisinger, b10.9.1788, d28.2.1870, married 17.12.1816 in Kirch-Brombach Anna Margretha Bauer, b29.9.1796, d23.11.1880.
Parents of Johann Georg Meisinger: Johannes Meisinger bmonth? 1768, d8.7.1839, married Margretha Elisabetha Hotz b31.7.1754, d23.11.1797.
Parents of Johannes Meisinger: Johannes (same name) Meisinger, b15.12.1720, d24.2.1775, married 14.1.1749 Anna Margretha Reipold, b12.1.1728, d20.5.1795.
Parents of Johannes Meisinger b1720: Adam Meisinger b21.4.1695, d8.1.1761, married 22.4.1717 Anna Barbara Heusel, b7.3.1691, d1.2.1729.
Parents of Adam Meisinger: Johann Michael Meisinger, b8.12.1669, d16.9.1732, married 28.1.1691 Apollonia Scholl, b28.4.1672, d12.11.1737 Parents of Joh. Mich. Meisinger: Nicolaus Meisinger, b13.2.1642 in Hummetroth, d23.2.1709, married month? 1660 Elisabetha Keil, bmonth? 1640, d16.12.1693.
Parents of Anna Barb. Heusel: Johann Philipp Heusel, b22.12.1667, d23.1.1693, married 6.2.1689 Anna Scior, b20.4.1664, d4.2.1728 Parents of Apollonia Scholl: Peter Scholl,bmonth? 1627, d26.12.1687, married 25.2.1655 Catharina Lang, bmonth? 1638, d10.5.1686.
Parents of Peter Scholl: Nicolaus Scholl b1600,d1655, married 1625 Margretha N.N., born?
Parents of Catharina Lang: Peter Lang, b1610,d?, married 1635 Margretha Weidmann, b?, d?

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