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Descendants of JENS JENSEN

Generation One
Generation Two - Jorgen Jensen
Generation Three - Martha Jensen - Johanne Jensen - Matilda Jensen - (Nels) Alfred Jensen - Laura Jensen -
William Jensen - Emma Jensen - Anna Jensen - George Jensen
Generation Four - Stella Jensen - Edna Jensen


Generation No. 1

1.  JENS2 JENSEN  (JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 16 Apr 1824 in Skaeve Sogn, Hjorring Amt, Denmark.  He married MARIANE NIELSDATTER 25 Jun 1847, daughter of NIELS CHRISTENSEN and KIRSTEN NIELSDATTER.  She was born 16 Jun 1826 in Jerslev Sogn, Hjorring Amt, Denmark.
                   i.    NIELS3 JENSEN, b. 05 Jan 1848.
                  ii.    MAREN JENSEN, b. 15 Jun 1850.
                 iii.    JENSINE JENSEN, b. 24 Nov 1852.
2.              iv.    JORGEN KRYSTIAN JENSEN, b. 11 Nov 1855, Horbylund, Denmark; d. 26 Mar 1911, Redfield, SD.
                  v.    ANTON JENSEN, b. 08 Feb 1859.


Generation No. 2

2.  JORGEN KRYSTIAN3 JENSEN (JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 11 Nov 1855 in Horbylund, Denmark, and died 26 Mar 1911 in Redfield, SD.  He married ANE ELINE NIELSEN 26 Jan 1883 in Krogsdam, Dybvad, Jutland, Denmark, daughter of NIELS MORTENSEN and KIRSTIN NIELSDATTER.  She was born 16 Oct 1857 in Krogsdam, Dybvad, Denmark, and died 08 Dec 1942 in Albert Lea, MN.

Cause of Death: pernicious anemia
Comment 1: Severe alcoholic
Ethnicity/Relig.: Danish
Event 1: 1888, Moved to Minnesota from Denmark
Medical Information: No Heart disease, Addictions
Occupation: Farmer, Well Driller
Residence: Alden. MN

Date of birth October 16, 1857 in Krogsdam, Dybvad, Denmark Died 8 December 1942 in Albert Lea Minnesota.
Ane was the oldest of four children born to Niels Christian Mortensen and Kirsten Marie Nielsdatter.  At age 25 she married Jorgen Krystjan Jensen from nearby Horby parish. He apparantly came from a farm family.  They worked on a dairy farm at Krogsdam. Life was difficult. An old lease document reveals that the family was given one-half acre for a garden. They were also given as much milk as they needed and some meat whenever butchering was done. Ane was responsible for hand milking many cows. Four children was born there, Hannah, Tillie, Alfred and Laura. In hope for a better future, Jorgen and his brother-in-law came to America in 1888 to select a  place to move. They then returned to Denmark. The following year, 1889, the family suffered the terrible experience of a "steerage accomodation" as they sailed to America. They traveled by train to Minnesota, and operated a farm  near Wells, MN and later in the Alden area. Five children were born there, Martha, William, Emma, Anna and George.  They had a very difficult time because of the alcoholism of Jorgen.  Jorgen was also enticed into gambling at cards.  He eventually lost the farm because of gambling debts.  Filled with remorse because of his weaknesses he left the family and moved to South Dakota about 1900. This left Grandma Ane Elene with nine children and no income.  The older children had to find jobs wherever possible to help out.  Ane had a brother, Niels Peder Nielsen, who lived in Osakis, MN.  Since he owned a vacant farm house he persuaded Ane to move up there.  They stayed there for about one year, enduring severe hardship.  The wolves were so active that the children were unable to walk to school, and the house was impossible to heat properly.  The family then moved back to Alden.  Ane had received a small legacy and was able to purchase a small house in Alden.  The community was largely composed of Danish immigrants.  They were very caring and saw that the family had enough to eat.  Ane told of the Pentecost Days celebrations held each year.  At that time all of the local pastors would get together.  Each new family was assigned to one of the churches depending on their orientation and location.
After all of the children had their own homes and families, Ane used to visit each one in turn. In the last years of her life she resided with daughter Laura and George Holst. Toward the end she became terribly confused and required hospitalization. Death came shortly after a hip fracture.
I recall when she came to our home, she used to stay until all of the mending and darning was done.  Then she would move on.  She was a wonderful Christian woman, a devoted Bible reader, having high character and a deep faith in her Savior.  I am confident that her prayers in my behalf have had a great effect in bringing me to Christ.

John Allen

Cause of Death: hip fracture
Comment 1: Very hard life
Comment 2: Husband alcoholic
Ethnicity/Relig.: Danish/Baptist
Event 1: 1888, Moved to Minnesota from Denmark
Medical Information: No Heart disease, No High blood pressure, No Stroke, No Cancer, No Addictions, Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes
Occupation: Mother, Homemaker
Personality/Intrst: Kind/Homemaking skills
Residence: Alden, MN
Children of JORGEN JENSEN and ANE NIELSEN are:
3.                i.    JOHANNE MARIE JENSEN4 (HANNAH), b. 15 Feb 1882, Saebe, Denmark; d. 24 Feb 1917, Stockholm, SD.
4.               ii.    MATHILDA CHRISTINE JENSEN, b. 20 May 1883, Denmark; d. 30 Sep 1971, Minneapolis.
5.              iii.    (NELS) ALFRED JENSEN, b. 09 Feb 1885, Krogsdam, Jutland, Denmark; d. Jun 1962, Albert Lea, MN.
6.              iv.    LAURA JORGINA JENSEN, b. 11 Oct 1888, Denmark; d. Rochester, MN.
                  v.    MARTHA JENSEN, b. 24 Aug 1891, Alden, MN; d. 17 Nov 1934, Miami, FL; m. MR. STARNES.

Martha Jensen
Born 24 August 1891 in Blue Earth County, Minnesota
Died 17 November 1944 in St. Petersburg, Florida
Martha was the fifth of ten children, and the first born in America,  to Jorgen Kristjan Jensen and Ane Elina Nielsen. She grew up on the farm and in Alden, Minnesota where her mother moved after her father had left.
She had friends in Chicago, and in her teens she moved there. A friend sponsored her in school and she became a registered nurse. She later married a man named Starnes and moved to Miami, Florida. We have no other details of her life except that she died, at age 53, in St. Petersburg, Florida. She had no children.

7.              vi.    WILLIAM MARTIN JENSEN, b. 14 Jul 1893, Wells, MN.
8.             vii.    EMMA AGNES JENSEN, b. 08 Jul 1894, Alden, MN; d. 30 May 1966, Orange, CA.
9.            viii.    ANNA MARIE JENSEN, b. 19 May 1897, Alden, MN; d. 17 Apr 1989, St. Paul, Minnesota.
10.             ix.    GEORGE EDWARD JENSEN SR, b. 06 Jun 1899, Wells, MN; d. 23 Jun 1972, Yucaipa, CA.


Generation No. 3

3.  JOHANNE MARIE JENSEN4 (HANNAH) (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3 JENSEN, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 15 Feb 1882 in Saebe, Denmark, and died 24 Feb 1917 in Stockholm, SD.  She married JENS PETER JENSEN.  He was born 1872, and died 28 Feb 1936 in Freeborn County, MN.

Date of birth Feb 15, 1882 in Saeby, Denmark.
Died February 24, 1917 in Stockholm, SD

"Hannah"  was the oldest of the nine children of Jorgen Krystian Jensen and Ane Eline Nielsen.  When she was nine years old the family moved to Minnesota, living in the Wells and then the Alden areas.  The family was under considerable stress because of the alcoholism of father Jorgen. When he was drunk he would become wild and abusive.  About 1900 he left the family and moved to South Dakota.  When Hannah was 19 she found outside employment where she met Jens Peter Jensen.  They were married in 1901.  They lived on three farms in the Sherburne area, then moved north of Monterey, MN.  Later they moved to Alden and then to Stockholm, SD.
They had eight children, Stella Sophie, Edna Mathilda, Nels, Harold Peter, Mildred, Helen Marie, Alfred Oscar and Amy Joan.  Amy was born on Feb 14, 1917, during a great snow storm.  The doctor was unable to come for two or three days.  Hannah died on Feb 24, probably from puerperal sepsis (childlbirth fever).  Her married life had been very rugged.  They farmed with none of the amenities we are used to.  One of their houses burned down, and they had to live in the barn for a time.  One week after the fire, son Harold developed poliomyelitis and had an extended convalescence.  Hannah, along with the children, helped with the hay and grain harvest, working in the field with Pete.  Life in South Dakota was no easier.  A peried of drought had just begun with frequent dust storms.  A prarie fire burned up some of the hay crop.  Fuel was in short supply and they had to buy coal.  Buffalo and cow chips made excellent fuel for cooking.  After Hannah's death, daughter Amy was adopted by George and Laura Holst, Hannah's sister and brother in law.  That fall Pete moved the family back to Alden.  He lived in town for two years, and and then resumed farming near Alden.  He continued to farm with his son Alfred until his death from cancer in Feb 1936.

Cause of Death: puerperal sepsis
Ethnicity/Relig.: Danish
Event 1: 1889, Moved to the U.S. from Denmark
Medical Information: No Heart disease, No High blood pressure, No Stroke, No Cancer, No Addictions, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes
Occupation: Homemaker
Personality/Intrst: Family/farming
Residence: Alden, MN/Stockholm, SD

4.  MATHILDA CHRISTINE4 JENSEN (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 20 May 1883 in Denmark, and died 30 Sep 1971 in Minneapolis.  She married JULIUS ANDERSON.  He was born 26 Jun 1880 in Racine, WI, and died 1952 in Minneapolis, MN.

Born May 20, 1883 in Denmark
Died Sept 30, 1971 in Minneapolis, MN

Tillie was the second of nine children born to Jorgen Christian Jensen and Ane Eline Nielsen in Denmark.  The parents were farm workers at that time, and things were very hard.  When she was seven years old the family moved to Southern Minnesota in the Wells area.  Life was difficult for the family as Jorgen was a bad alcoholic, and the children all had to find jobs at an early age.  Tillie was an excellent seamstress and dress maker, so found it easy to find employment.  She married Julius Anderson when she was about 25 years old.  Julius was a skilled carpenter and cabinet maker.  This was a rather difficult marriage.  Tillie was ill a lot and sister Anna helped out at home several times.  The couple had three children, Robert born 1912, Calvin born in 1917, and Catherine born in 1920.  Robert became a pharmacist, Calvin a gifted pianist and organist, and Catherine a skilled stenographer and office worker.  Calvin suffered a mental breakdown only two weeks before he was to graduate from the Oberlin School of Music.  He was never employed after that time. Catherine also became mentally ill as well as an alcoholic.  She died at about age 60.  Robert married Louise McCarthy.  The couple had two children, Robert Murray and Joan Louise.  Robert died in 1970.  He suffered from chemical dependency toward the end of his life.  Robert Murray has never married.  He worked for Western Airlines.  Joan married and had a set of twins born in Spain in 1981.

Ethnicity/Relig.: Danish
Occupation: Dressmaker
Residence: Minneapolis, MN
5.  (NELS) ALFRED4 JENSEN (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 09 Feb 1885 in Krogsdam, Jutland, Denmark, and died Jun 1962 in Albert Lea, MN.  He married (1) SENA HANSEN.    He married (2) MATHILDA PFAHNING in Mansfield, MN.  She was born 25 Jul 1889 in Keister, MN, and died 12 Feb 1920 in Albert Lea, MN.  He married (3) EMMA JENSEN.  She was born 17 Apr 1889, and died 22 May 1968 in Albert Lea, MN.

6.  LAURA JORGINA4 JENSEN (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 11 Oct 1888 in Denmark, and died in Rochester, MN.  She married GEORGE HOLST.  He was born 02 Feb 1880 in Denmark, and died 14 Jul 1944 in Albert Lea, MN.

7.  WILLIAM MARTIN4 JENSEN (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 14 Jul 1893 in Wells, MN.  He married (1) ANNE STEEN.    He married (2) ELLA MILLER. 

8.  EMMA AGNES4 JENSEN (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 08 Jul 1894 in Alden, MN, and died 30 May 1966 in Orange, CA.  She married KARL JAMES STOVER in Buffalo, WY.  He was born 16 Jun 1912 in Kasopolos, MI.

Born July 8, 1904 in Alden, Freeborn County MN to Jorgen Krystian Jensen and Ane Eline Nielsen.

Emma was the seventh of nine children born to this couple.  She attended elementary school in Alden.  Because of her parent's separation she had to work from age 12.  In the late 1920s she went to Wyoming to work on a ranch. While there she met and married Karl Stover.  They later moved to Orange California where they lived for many years.  Karl worked as a carpenter.  The couple had twin sons, Karl and Calvin and one daughter, Hazel.
Emma was a delightful person.  She had a fine sense of humor, and had a keen interest in her immediate and her extended family.  One summer she brought two of her grandchildren to visit us at the lake at Alexandria, MN.  Hazel reports that she was a womderful mother.  She was very hard working and self sacrificing.  She died in 1976 of breast cancer.
She enjoyed sewing, and was a fine seamstress.


annajensen9.  ANNA MARIE4 JENSEN (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 19 May 1897 in Alden, MN, and died 17 Apr 1989 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  She married CLAUDE HENRY ALLEN 18 Nov 1922.  He was born 04 Apr 1899 in Mound City, Campbell Co., South Dakota, and died 25 Nov 1974 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Born  May 19, 1897 in Alden MN
Died April 17, 1989 in St. Paul, MN

Anna was the eighth of nine children born to Jorgen Krystjan Jensen and Ane Eline Nielsen.  She was reared by her mother in the small town of Alden, MN. The family lived there after her father had left  because of remorse for his alcoholism. She attended elementary school there, completed a business school course in Chicago where she lived with her sister Martha, and returned to Alden where she worked in a bank.  It was there that she met Claude Allen who had come from South Dakota.  Several years later Claude moved to St. Paul where he enrolled in the St. Paul College of Law.  He also took correspondence courses to complete his high school education and worked in the probate court.  The two were married in 1922.  Anna worked as a stenographer to supplement Claude's meager income.  They had two children, John born in 1925, and Doris born in 1929.

Cause of Death: dysmyelopoesis
Comment 1: Great entertainer.
Comment 2: Wife of representative then senator
Comment 3: Devoted to her church and her family
Comment 4: Traveled widely
Ethnicity/Relig.: Presbyterian
Event 1: 1914, Spent 1 year in Chicago with Martha (S)
Event 2: 1915, Business School in Mpls. Lived with Tillie
Medical Information: No Heart disease, No High blood pressure, Stroke, No Cancer, No Addictions, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes
Occupation: Stenographer, Homemaker
Personality/Intrst: Outgoing, socially active, self educated
Residence: St. Paul, MN for all of her married life

Cause of Death: Kidney Cancer
Comment 1: State Representative & Senator 30 Years
Comment 2: Physically Powerful.  Great Endurance
Comment 3: 3 Coronary Heart Attacks, Kidney Cancer
Comment 4: Banking and Corporate Law Mainly
Ethnicity/Relig.: Probably English/Presbyterian (Elder)
Event 1: Jul 1914, cattle drive
Event 2: 1924, Law School Graduation
Event 3: 1936, Election
Event 4: 1958, Senator
Medical Information: Heart disease, No High blood pressure, No Stroke, Cancer, No Addictions, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes
Occupation: Attorney at Law
Personality/Intrst: perfectionist/ hunting, Fishing, Travel
Residence: St. Paul, Minnesota

10.  GEORGE EDWARD JENSEN4 SR (JORGEN KRYSTIAN3 JENSEN, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 06 Jun 1899 in Wells, MN, and died 23 Jun 1972 in Yucaipa, CA.  He married ANDREA SOFIE ERICKSON 14 Nov 1925 in St. Paul, MN.  She was born 20 Apr 1898 in NORWAY, and died 04 Jun 1992 in Selma, CA.

Born June 6, 1899 in Wells, MN
Died June 23, 1972 in Yucaipa, CA

George was the youngest of nine children born to Jorgen Kristian Jensen and Ane Eline Nielsen.  When he was very young his father left the home leaving his mother with no means of support.  Like all of his siblings he had to go to work as soon as he was able. At about age 14 he began to work in farms in the Wells, MN area. He did complete the 8th grade at the Alden, MN elementery school. World War 1 was in progress, and George enlisted in the Army at age 16.  Son Arvid reports that he was on the first ship to France and returned on the last ship back.  He served in the Rainbow Division, participating in every major battle in France. At the end of the war he served in the Army of Occupation in Germany for a time.  After his discharge he worked at a number of jobs, including the railroad as a section crew member, as a salesman for Enders Tools - traveling as far as Illinois and Ohio, and as a carpenter.  He worked for a time for Gould National Battery in St. Paul. In 1925 he married Andrea Sophie Erickson. They farmed for a time in the Mankato area, where son Arvid was born, and in Wisconsin; then moved to Wyoming where he worked on a ranch for 6 months.  In 1931 the family returned to Minnesota where he  began a 33 year career at the B.F. Nelson Roofing Company of Minneapolis. Daughter Ruth and son George Jr. were born there.  Ruth died at age 15 months.   Shortly after starting the new job a radical  group attempted to take over the Teamsters Union, and actually won an election which had been called, without prior notice, after most of the members had gone home from a late night meeting.   George immediately challenged that election, and called for a new one.  George was elected president of the new union by unanimous vote.  Things were quite tense for a time, and union members provided escort and surveilance for several months.  A number of ex convicts had been employed at the company who were excellent for that job.   The union negotiated a seniority system with the company which created the need for a personnel manager.  George filled this position in addition to his union position.  The obvious conflicts which arose forced a choice;  George chose the company and remained as personnel manager until his retirement in 1964.  He was responsible for all of the hiring and firing.  Other responsibilities included being timekeeper, safety engineer,  and union contract negotiator.
Geoge was obviously a high energy person.  He bought and refurbished several houses.  He enjoyed fishing, and was so serious about it that Arvid reports that he (Arvid) kind of lost interest. Arvid also reports that George had such strong opinions that he never would argue. "Things were as they were, and that was that."   George retired at age 65, and he and Andrea moved to California, living near son Arvid.  He enjoyed some fishing there and used to return to Minnesota each year  with his pickup camper for summer fishing. George died suddenly in 1972 in California.
George and Andrea were devout Lutherans.  They taught Bible studies and were faithful to the Lord until the end.



Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Ethnicity/Relig.: Danish/Lutheran
Medical Information: No Heart disease, No High blood pressure, Stroke, No Cancer, No Addictions, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes
Occupation: Nelson Roofing/Personnel Manager

Generation No. 4

11.  STELLA SOPHIE5 JENSEN (JOHANNE MARIEJENSEN4(HANNAH), JORGEN KRYSTIAN3 JENSEN, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 26 Oct 1902 in Alden. MN.  She married JOSEPH KRAUSHAAR 1923.  He was born 15 Aug 1887, and died 01 Nov 1958 in Freeborn Co, MN.

Born October 26, 1902 in Alden, MN

Stella was the oldest child of Pete and Hannah Jensen.  When she was 15 years old he mother died leaving seven children.  Stella had to stay home and become the "mother figure" for the family.  Seven years later at the age of 22 she married Joe Kraushaar who was 37 years old at that time. Joe worked on various farms, and finally moved to Alden, MN.  They moved into Grandma Eline Jensen's home.  Five children were born to that union, Ella, Helen, Ralph, Roy, and Lloyd.  Joe worked in a lumber yard in Alden as well as doing odd jobs.  Some time after Joe's death in 1958, at age 71, she sold the house in Alden and moved into a nursing home in Albert Lea.  Stella had a lot of illness including much backache.  Joe "spent a fortune paying doctor bills."  She was a highly intelligent woman, and a good mother, as attested to by her five fine children.

Ethnicity/Relig.: Danish
Event 1: 1917, Mother died
Occupation: Homememeker
Residence: Freeborn County, MN
12.  EDNA MATHILDA5 JENSEN (JOHANNE MARIEJENSEN4(HANNAH), JORGEN KRYSTIAN3 JENSEN, JENS2, JENS CHRISTIAN1) was born 13 Oct 1904, and died 18 Oct 1972 in Albert Lea, MN.  She married JOHN M. COLSTRUP 01 Jun 1926.  He was born 04 May 1898 in Aurus, Denmark, and died 18 Oct 1972 in Albert Lea, MN.

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